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Jiro thinks you suck

Meme Catch-up!

Posted on 2010.12.29 at 19:44
Yeah so the holidays kind of caught up with me, and I've apparently failed to update since the 21st. This means that I am 8 entries behind on the meme! So I'm going to attempt to get caught up before I go to work. I probably with have to skip the album review and do that later tonight or tomorrow.

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. Part of the reason I have been so distracted actually is that I got an iPhone and I have spent far too many hours playing "Cut the Rope" and "Angry Birds"- I seriously have an addiction.

Went to see Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1 again for the 4th time after Christmas dinner. I am so excited for the last movie. I'm going to be sad when it's all over. I was really depressed after the 7th book, mostly because I felt like it was kind of a let down but more because I don't feel there will be another pop culture phenomenon like HP in the rest of my lifetime; maybe not even in the next generation either.

Finally saw TRON Legacy yesterday. The plot was weak, but it was really fun to watch. I kind of want to go see it in 3D now, even though I hate 3D movies. It made me feel really nostalgic for my childhood, actually. I remember watching TRON several times when I was little but I don't really remember the story from the original movie that much. I actually found our VHS copy of it in the basement from the 80s, but just as I suspected, when I tried to play it in the VCR it had degraded so much that it was almost all static.  I'm actually surprised Disney hasn't re-released it on DVD. Some critics think Disney is too embarrassed by its cheesiness to re-release. I think it'd probably make them a good chunk of change. We shall see.... (Random side note: all I could think about while I was watching it was Hisashi XD I'm surprised he hasn't tweeted about it or anything because that movie is so up his ally!)

Day 19: Least Favorite Music Video
It's just boring. All it has is flowers blooming. Guess it kinda goes with the title or something. You can probably tell that I'm not really a fan of their PVs in which the members don't really appear.

Day 20: Review of Favorite Album

I promise I'll do it later tonight!

Day 21: Favorite Tour They've Been On
I probably have to side with doku_rock17 and go with GREAT VACATION 2009 in US.  I was there for both LA days and it was just a great show. More importantly, I was with amazing people and created/cemented a lot of lasting friendships <3  If I hadn't chosen this tour, I probably would have gone with any of the other tours that I have been able to attend in person. The RATW Hall Tour was really fun. It was super high-energy and I got to hear songs from "GLAY" before anyone else (Precious), and that made me feel honored for some reason. As for past tours that I have only had the privilege of seeing on DVD.... HIGH COMMUNICATIONS 2003!

Day 22: Dream Tour with Them on It
Hmmm...this one is kind of hard. Of course a dream tour is any time they grace us with a performance in the US. But this category kind of implies a sort of tour like American bands do in which there is one main band and several opening bands that play for about 20 minutes each. In this case, I'd really like to see them play with LUNA SEA again. LS is probably my 2nd favorite Japanese rock band (amongst the big name rock god bands like X Japan, L'Arc, GLAY, LUNA SEA, etc...).  I'd also kind of like to see them play a song with U2. Don't ask me why. It just sounds/looks amazing when I picture it in my head.

Day 23: First Song You Heard
I was in 7th grade. My friend and I had started to lose faith in a lot of the mainstream American music; I was growing disillusioned with the Backstreet Boys LOL; we started to like anime and more Japanese pop-culture things. My friend had found a bunch of random songs by Japanese bands that she'd found on the interwebs and one day during home room she busted out her Walkman and said, "Hey listen to this! The singer screams, "SEX, DRUGS, ROCK AND ROLL" in it! hehehehehehehe" So I listened, and it was instant love. She told me she thought the band's name was GLAY and so with our internet and PCs that seem so ancient to us now, I started looking for pictures. Later that year or in 8th grade- can't remember- ebay started to boom and we talked my mom into bidding on the Pure Soul 98 in Stadium DVD for us. Well...the rest is history. I kind of became obsessed, if you couldn't tell.

Day 24: Song with Most Plays in your Library
So when I got my very own laptop a few years ago and I had to transfer everything over, my iTunes library song count was not something that remained when I moved my iTunes library, so I lost my counts and therefore do not really have an official one anymore. However, I know what song it used to be, and I know what song it is now. Funny thing is, it's the same song XD According to iTunes, my most-played GLAY songs is.... SHUTTER SPEEDS! <3

Day 25: Song From a Movie Soundtrack
Same as everyone else I'm sure- I am xxx
This is an epic song. It's so hardcore. The PV is really cool too, with the negative colors and them jamming and the shiny vampireness and the hair extensions! *drool* (I prefer the version without the Last Blood clips though.) And I'll never forget when Jiro told Teru that when he sings, "Yes I am" it sounds like "Yasai-ya" XD "Yasai-ya" is not the real Japanese word for vegetable store, but that's the meaning it takes XD Oh Teru we love you. Jiro, I love you more for being kind of an ass <3

Day 26: Picture of a Former Member

Sweet baby Jesus both of their former drummers were creepy.
Nobumasa looked like a pedophile...

Akira (behind Jiro and Teru) it's hard to say...the early 90s weren't really good to any of them LMAO

Phew! Done! All I have to do is backtrack and do the album review for THE FRUSTRATED! Now it's time to get ready for work. 


Jiro thinks you suck

~I love you more than you love me, honey~

Posted on 2010.12.21 at 15:38
*sigh* I want to take a shower but the plumber is still here and the water's shut off. I probably haven't mentioned the fact that we pretty much don't have a kitchen right now. Living in an old Victorian house, you have copper pipes and these pipes get leaks fairly regularly. Well, we didn't realize how many of them had leaks right now, and so pretty much it destroyed our kitchen. Half of the walls and most of the ceiling rotted through, and so we are pretty much having to redo the entire kitchen. The dust makes it impossible to cook, and so we've had to eat out almost every night for about 3 weeks. It really sucks. I feel so gross. I want to do a detox come January.

So while I'm waiting for the water in my bathroom to be available again...

Day 18: Your Favorite Music Video

I pretty much fell in love with both this song and the video the first time I heard/saw it. The song itself it amazing. It's got such a prominent, complex bassline <3 I love the different guitar sounds working together. Not to mention that I really like the various changes throughout it, like the pauses in the music and vocals.  This is easily on my list of favorite songs.  The video is what really makes it memorable though.  I know that this sort of special effects has been done before (a la Brady Bunch) but I can't think of any band that has done this sort of theme for a PV.  I love how playful it is- you can tell they had a lot of fun making it. Speaking of which, the making-of sequence on the dvd is &hearts; And it took them something like 6 months to finish if I remember correctly, because they were touring and recording and couldn't get it all done at once.  My only complaint is the stupid bitch on the bench Jiro walks off with *jealous spazz*

Runners-up include: SOUL LOVE, BLUE JEAN, Kanojo no 'MODERN', Fighting Spirit, Shitto, SPECIAL THANKS, SORRY LOVE


Okay I had to include the SOUL LOVE (Jiro angle) because he's so adorably ornery XD

GV Jiro 2

~crimson and clover, over and over~

Posted on 2010.12.20 at 15:45
音楽: Joan Jett
Day 17: A Group Picture

The "Blue Jean" photo shoot has to be one of my all-time favorites. They all look so relaxed and happy. (Except I wasn't too fond of Hisashi's hair in this one- it looks greasy *hides from doku*)
Currently waiting for my nails to dry so I can take a shower and get ready for work. I have the weirdest shift tonight- 7pm-12am. It's like I'm working closing shift but she's having me stay a long time after. Meh, it's money. I'm currently using all of my money from work to pay off one of my credit cards (since the credit limit just got increased! yay!) so that if/when GLAY comes back I can afford to go.  I really hate using credit cards. In fact, I usually never do. Everything I buy is with my checking accounts. But the last few months I was in Japan I needed some extra money and I had to borrow with one of my cards, so it got up pretty high. It's been 2 years and I'm still paying it off. How sad is that? *fail Jo*

I was going to make a spice cake but I spent the whole morning sleeping, watching TV, and wrapping presents so I kind of don't have time now. I'll probably make it Thursday, since I'll be back here for work with a lot of down time before I go in. I wish she'd have me work mornings, but she knows I'm a night owl so that's probably why I get stuck with late afternoon and evening shifts.

Depending on the weather  I'm going to drive home to Peoria after work. It's snowing again! And it's also supposed to snow another 3 inches on Christmas Eve! I'm so excited that we are going to have a White Christmas. The last couple of years it's just been really cold- too cold to snow- so it's been a while since we've had a White Christmas. I don't mind driving late at night, but there are a couple stretches of I-74 that are pretty black and deserted, and so I know it makes my dad worry if I'm driving alone late. But it's only an hour and a half so I think it'll be okay.

Ohh nails are dry! I'll hop in the shower so I can hurry and send out everyone's Christmas cards!

HS48 Jiro

On drums....!

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 19:11
Day 16: A Picture of the Drummer

Oh Toshi, you're so cool. Teach me how to play drums.

I got my Christmas cards done! Finally! So I will send them out in the mail tomorrow before I work.

Finally getting around the watching "Pirate Radio". It's pretty good so far.

And now I'm craving cookies but I have nothing in my place to make them with. In fact, I literally finished off the rest of my food tonight. Winter makes me so lazy.

RATW Jiro 02
Posted on 2010.12.18 at 17:49
Day 15: A Picture of the Bassist

I love the R'N'R Swindle in Budokan pamphlet. I was actually going to scan it but I saw that it's already floating around on the internet- so I figured that everyone probably already had downloaded it. Anyway, I don't think I've ever used this picture in any of my entries ever, but ever since I saw it for the first time I've been in love with it. The lighting is really cool, not to mention Jiro looks soooooo sexy.  His lips look so kissable and his neck...gahhhh. Okay I'm weird, but I have a thing for really pronounced Adam's apples. I seriously just want to ravish his neck with kisses when I see this photo.  I probably should have gone with a picture of him actually playing bass, but oh well ^_^;
I went to karaoke for 4 hours today with some of the Japanese exchange students and some J-NET members that are still on campus. Once the Japanese kids realized how much I love GLAY they kept putting their songs in. It was so fun to have people to sing their songs with at karaoke in America. By the way, "Kuchibiru" is harder to sing than I thought XD

I'm going to take a nap before work. I do the recovery shift so I don't have to be there until 10pm. Oyasumi!

jiro hoodie

oh s***!

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 19:44
I didn't realize it was so late! I need to do my makeup for work! *spazzes*

But before I go I wanted to do my meme for the day!!!!! yay!!!!!

Day 14: A Picture of the Guitarist
Well guess what??!! There are TWO!!!!

I love this picture for some reason. They are totally awkward turtles.

RATW Jiro 02

~and on cold nights I can still hear the sound of bells inside my heart~

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 00:21
音楽: O Holy Night

Day 13: A Picture of the Lead Singer

On Vocal....TERU!

That was fun!

I'm so exhausted I don't really know what else to write about. Took our golden retriever, Jack, to get him groomed. Now his fur is evenly trimmed and he smells amazing. So I spent the afternoon rolling around on the floor with him. And then he slobbered all over my cleavage. Gross. Our other dog, little Hermione, was acting like she hurt herself but I'm pretty sure she was just faking it to get attention. She does that quite often. I think she's plotting to take over the world.

I wrapped a ton of Christmas presents today. Man, Santa was good to my little sisters this year. I was actually kind of in shock while I wrapped some of this stuff. Hopefully this means I'm going to have a good Chrismtas too! (C'mon baby, Jo needs a new phone!)

Bet you can't guess which song the title of this post comes from! XD

I am taking a break from my all-nighter to fulfill today's meme requirement! I have a take home final for my pre-modern Japanese history class that's proving to be a bitch. I found a glimmer of motivation tonight and so I just decided to hell with it; let's get this bitch done all in one go. For this final I have to write 3, 3-page essays. The first was the trace the role of marriage politics in Heian Japan. That took me 3.5 pages. Next I'll be moving on to why Taira Kiyomori did not become the first shogun, and why Minamoto Yoritomi did. Lastly, I have to write an essay on the role of China and Korea in the development of the Japanese state. So....I want to at least get the first two done and work on the stupid China-Korea one tomorrow. That one requires me to reread my text book and that is not something I'm in the mood to do tonight.

Day 11: A Piece of Merchandise That You Own
I won't lie- I own a lot of GLAY merch. T-shirts, posters, cds, pamphlets, wristbands, cell phone straps- you name it.  One of my goals upon becoming a mega-fan was to collect all of their tour pamphlets, and I'm almost there! Ironically, the ones that I'm missing I have scans of thanks to friends.

But yeah...my first inclination was to use the two bass picks that Jiro gave me at the last US tour. However, those aren't really merchandise. So I racked my brain to think of what else I have that I'm really proud of. I settled on two items, both of which I sadly did not purchase myself.  One of my closest friends that I met through GLAY while I was living in Japan gave me both of them:

First is the JIRO お守り from the 2009-2010 Countdown Live GLAY 神社. I really wanted to make it back to Japan for the live. My friend was even looking for an extra ticket for me and everything. However, I had just gotten back from living there in June and I had spent all of my remaining funds to go see them in LA when they came here, and so I couldn't go.  When my friend went to the GLAY 神社 and paid her 500 yen for the お守り, she actually pulled out the JIRO one! (It's like a grab bag. You don't know which one you get until you open it!) So she sent it to me saying that she knew I'd be happy to have it.  I am too scared to put it on my keychain or cellphone, but if I feel like I need an extra bit of luck I take it with me, too exams, for example. I feel like I have a little piece of JIRO's love and support with me. Cheesy right?

Second is a JIRO poster that the same friend gave me before I left Japan to move back to America.  We met at the JIRO produce live, Osaka Crash Night. We had dinner and hung out before my night bus back to Tokyo.  We met again at the secret live Meet and Greet Vacation thing in June in Yokohama. And our last GLAY even together was the GV Hall Tour at Yamanashi.  She emailed me telling me she had a special present for me a week later, and so my last day I was in Tokyo I received a package from here. Inside was a giant JIRO poster- the same image as the cover of that H Magazine issue where he is camping and doing "day off" things.  i didn't realize it at the time, but she told me that only 3 fans in the whole world own this poster, as it was given away specially by FM802.  She told me that she wanted me to have it because "JIRO's biggest fan will give it a good home."  I was so touched. It's hanging up in my room and every time I look at it I'm reminded of the amazing friendships I have made all because of GLAY <3


GV Jiro Taku

~you sent a letter to the wrong address~

Posted on 2010.12.13 at 22:58
AHHHHHHHHHH *continues for a few minutes*

Yesterday and today have been so stressful. First of all we had a blizzard. We didn't get a ton of snow, but there were 50 mph winds and so it was blowing really bad. Everything iced over. Cars were sliding everywhere. I know this because I had to go to work in it. Despite the storms and every weather report saying STAY HOME, of course the mall was packed. Work went by pretty quickly though. I had fun helping a mom and her 14 year old daughter pick our her first "nice" makeup. Plus I had an extra discount so I totally bought myself some stuff, like NARS "Orgasm" lipgloss <3

Driving home usually only takes me about 7 minutes, but last night it took me about 20. My original plan was to drive to my parents house in Peoria because I don't work again until Friday, but alas the weather was horrid and driving was scary, so I stayed in Champaign. I made dark chocolate brownies and ate half of the pan during the Dexter season finale. Which sucked, by the way. Last season was the epitome of suspense and confusion and heartache, and so I knew it'd be hard to top. Showtime's new series that are starting up in January look good though, so I'll probably get into those as well. :)

Today I did in fact finally get to drive home-home, but I spent the entire day finishing my 12-page paper about the settling and development of Hokkaido. I literally just mailed it to my professor.  To be honest I am totally sick of typing but I am bound and determined to get back on track with my meme! So tonight I'll do two to make up for it XD

Day 9: Your Favorite Album

THE FRUSTRATED is definitely my favorite album, but Love Is Beautiful really gave it a run for its money. I just noticed that later on in the meme I have to review my favorite album so I won't really get into it here. I'd just like to say that this album is perfect in every way. The organization is brilliant. It's one of those albums you can listen to over and over again and not get tired of it.

Day 10: A Description of When You First Saw Them
I was telling doku_rock17 the other night that I really don't remember the first time I saw them at The Fillmore 2008 that clearly. I think it was because I was just utterly in shock and overwhelmed.  The part I do vividly remember, though, was the first time I actually saw them in person, and not so much the show.

The Fillmore is located in Japan Town in San Francisco, and so hoyah  and I ran to get food from one of the restaurants there. While we were gone, we got a text from her friend saying that Teru and Jiro had already arrived. I freaked. I was devastated that I'd missed Jiro's entrance into the building. I probably should have mentioned that the band's entrance was right where they had us lined up and waiting. Anyway, we rushed back. At least we would get to see Takuro and Hisashi arrive, right? Well, the friend had been wrong and Jiro hadn't arrived yet! Not too long after we got back in line, the white van pulled up. Of course all of us rushed the gate to get a glimpse. And that's when I saw Jiro, in the flesh, for the first time in my life. He looked beautiful, just like he did in pictures and on TV. But even better, he didn't even have stage makeup on. He's THAT beautiful in real life. All of them are. Kyaaa and I shouted, "Jiro gambatte kudasai!" with my face pressed up against  the fence. He actually turned to me, lowered his sunglasses, and nodded at me. Kyaaa I cried like a bitch. I won't lie.

So yeah, the actual show was kind of a blur save for the high-five I got from Jiro and Teru's spit flying all over me. I had a much more memorable experience with the GLAYtards in 2009 <3


jiro hoodie

~Hey Mr. DJ keep playin' that song for me~

Posted on 2010.12.12 at 01:22
Just got home from work- and an hour early! I literally recovered and restocked the entire makeup section on my own. *passes out* At least I didn't have to mop or clean up the Beauty Station. That sucks. Tomorrow I work 12:30 until 6pm, "on call" from 6-8pm. I really hope she doesn't need me after 6pm. I have places to go and papers to write!

So there's an ice storm tonight. The roads weren't too bad going to work, but when we got out at midnight the entire parking lot was solid ice. None of us could get our car doors open at first either >_< We're supposed to get another 6 to 12 inches of snow tonight, and I'm really hoping that doesn't happen because I don't want to have to get up an hour early to clean my car off. *praying*

Had an amazing phone chat with amae_ichigo on the phone today. We haven't had a chat like that in a long time and it was really nice. She always makes me laugh- her way with words is just amazing.  I wish I could be there for you and help cheer you up in your time of need!

Moving on to today's meme question....

Day 8: Your favorite lyric

Oh boy this is going to be hard.  Before I could speak Japanese their lyrics didn't really mean that much. From what I could understand I thought they were beautiful, and oftentimes the English amused me. But now that I can understand most of their songs, save having to look up some vocab every now and then, I've really come to love their lyrics. As doku_rock17 said in her Day 8 post, Takuro really is a genius with lyrics. He's so poetic. Teru has gotten really good with lyric writing as well- RUN has some truly beautiful images. What I love about Jiro's lyrics (when he actually writes them) is that they are simple. Unlike Takuro or Teru's lyrics, which really are challenging sometimes, Jiro's are like a conversation, as if you're just listening to him talk.  As for Hisashi, well, his lyrics make me kind of sad.  A lot of his inspiration seems to come from his losses, and so yes...they just make me sad. Not to say they aren't good too though! *hides from Hisashi fans*

But to pick favorite lyrics is just soooo hard! I have so many it would take a day to transcribe them all here. So I'll just pick a few.

いっそこのまま この夜に心を置いて行こう
ヒラリヒラリと振り出した雪 君の鼻先に落ちて
言葉は限りなく 2人を青め立てる

やがて来る それぞれの交差点を迷いの中立ち止るけど
巡り合う恋心 どんなときも自分らしく生きて行くのに
AH 夢から覚めた これからもあなたを愛してる

ただ春の風に ただ佇んでた
ただ逢いたくなる でももう逢えなくなる
ただ春の夢に ただ微睡んでた
ただ泣きたくなる でもただ...

I LOVE YOUをさがしてる
I LOVE YOUをふいに言うと
生涯忘れ得ぬ恋をしてるよ 目の前君と
I LOVE YOUのかわりになる

Seriously I could keep going forever but I'll stop here!


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