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White Road Jiro

I thought summer was supposed to be about winding down...

Posted on 2011.06.13 at 00:32
It seems my relaxing summer vacation is no more. I was so burned out by last semester that I was looking forward to some down time, which is apparently not going to happen.

A list to stay organized in my zombie-like mental state:

1. Got a job! Yay! I hate to complain, since I really wanted/needed a job. I seriously hate relying on my parents as much as I do for money. For the better part of high school I had a part time job so I got used to having my own money to pay for things like gas,  extra non-essential clothes, other non-necessities like concert tickets, etc. Of course my parents still paid for a lot but it's not like they had to pay for everything. But after I got back from Japan and transferred into UIUC, I couldn't find a job really, and to be honest I don't think I could have handled it with my course load the past couple of years. But I hated not being more self-sufficient financially. And despite still being heartbroken over Sephora, I think I'll end up enjoying this department store job. They start you out as "short hour" meaning you get scheduled 15-20 hours a week, and after some time has passed you are able to be bumped up to something like "permanent part-time" which is like 15-30 hours or something. Anyway, your shifts are from 4 to 8 hours at a time. I'm kind of a baby- I HATE 8 hour shifts. I'm slowly getting used to them though. But it still kills me being on my feet, running around on them for that long. Not only is getting back into the swing of things kicking my butt, but I am now being scheduled over 20 hours a week. I guess I should take that as a good sign that they really like me and I'm good at my job, but it is posing problems for other things I wanted to accomplish this summer (to be discussed in #2) But I digress... in just the few short weeks I have been pimping cosmetics at Bergner's I have made a pretty nice chunk of change. By the end of June I'll have made enough to pay for something like oh, a trip to Cali to see GLAY, for example XD (God why aren't you coming back like, tomorrow???!!!! TAT)

2. As aforementioned, the job is apparently going to pose many problems with the class I'm taking this summer, which starts tomorrow officially. Online classes, while a good amount of work because they are condensed and mostly self-study, are supposed to be the answer to someone who is either a) not on campus over the summer or b) due to other commitments cannot physically be in a class. So I figure, okay the reading might get hefty but I've become a fast reader and I'll just work on assignments and efficiently as possible, etc. I did not think that I'd have to be available on certain days at certain times to participate in a live discussion via something reminiscent of Skype. Um hello, that defeats one of the major principles of an online independent course (>_<) And since with work we have to ask off 4 weeks in advance, this has posed a great problem, seeing as I just found out all of this stuff about the class a few days ago. I went to HR at work today and told them of my predicament but they were so not going to be flexible, and it's not like I can change my availability since these discussions to not fall on the same days at the same time. So I either have to drop the class and try to find something that fits in my fall schedule (which will be virtually impossible now) or see if I can work something out with the professor (prospects not so high). My last resort will be trading some shifts with girls at work, but they are so understaffed right now that might be difficult too. I guess I just have to pray that I get lucky enough to not get scheduled on these days? orz

3. Onto some better/cooler news.... I got asked by an online fashion magazine/blog to start doing articles, but mainly hair and makeup tutorials for gyaru fashion. A lot of you who have met me in person know that even though my hair used to scream "scene kid" color-wise for a while, I am a Shibuya gyaru at heart XD Not only that, in the past few years I have been told that I'm extremely talented at hair and makeup and it's made me considered pursuing some sort of work, even if it's just something on the side or as a hobby, in hair and makeup artistry. Since I no longer have an easy/cheaper way to get my favorite Japanese fashion magazines in hard copy, I've been browsing the internet for scans and online versions of Vivi, Popteen, Ranzuki, etc to get a feel for what the big trends are in gyaru fashion this summer. I knew I wasn't totally crazy early this spring when I started picking up some very 70s-inspired things. One day when my mom took me shopping for some summer clothes, she was like, "That is so not what you would normally pick out," when I picked up some very hippie-esque things. I just told her I wanted something knew and had a good feeling about it. Turns out my intuition to try some of these styles out was good, because as far as Japanese fashion in Tokyo this summer, hippie chic is in. My fashion intuition is never right lol. Of course, this is more for the mature onee gyaru, but since that's what I consider myself I figure I should focus on this particular sub-branch. Agejo is sometimes cute and sexy, but for the most part it scares me lol. Anyway, as my stuff gets published/posted I'll give you links! Also, any suggestions from other trends you guys have come across this summer would be great too!

4. Along the same lines.... I got talked into helping with costumes and makeup for my sister's current play- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Not sure when I'm going to have time to help sew, exactly. But I am excited about the possibility of getting to do the pharaoh's makeup. Think Elvis with Egyptian eyes XD

5. Last but not least, after being like 2 weeks late, I got my RATW DVD. I really love this live. Not just because it's new, but it was just really fun to watch. Even though I am one of the first to say GLAY can do no wrong, there are definitely lives/tours that I feel are more fun to watch than others. Besides...Jiro bench pressing in the opening scene of the tour documentary = heaven. Okay, no more spoilers for anyone on my f-list!

Okay, now I'm going to pass out on top of all of the clean laundry sitting in a heap on my bed because I'm too tired to move.

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