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Who Get?

*shiny GLAY book is shiny*

Posted on 2011.01.29 at 17:49
Still awaiting my PREDATORS "This World" tour DVD. I actually forgot I pre-ordered it since I did it so long ago. It wasn't until I got that "We shipped your order" email last Monday that I remembered. There goes more money. I'm just concerned about money until I find out whether or not I get to keep my job. But in any case, I'm still really looking forward to my PREDATORS DVD.

BUT! Even though I've been awaiting my DVD, I got something even better in the mail! As a thank you gift for getting our picture in the latest HAPPY SWING, my friend sent me the HAPPY SWING 10th Anniversary photo collection book. I didn't have a chance to order it when they first published it, and I know a lot of other overseas fans had said that they didn't want to spend the money because if you have all of the HS then you technically have all of the pictures. However, ever since actually getting to go through the book at her house this past summer, I really wanted to have a copy for myself. She must have read my mind because it showed up in the mail the other day. I love it because I now have big versions of some of the cutest "candid" pictures of GLAY <3

Slightly better picture of the Photo Factory submission that JIRO replied to

Shiny HS book. *Note the FBI Career Guide book on my shelf in the back right corner of the picture LMAO*

Other than that, I'm spending a quiet Saturday night at home.  I was going to go dancing tonight but I'm really tired and still haven't recovered from drinking way too much on Thursday. I seriously did not mean to drink so much that I missed class, but I did. *fail* I'm just doing a ton of homework  tonight instead so I don't have to worry about anything because I have to write a 4 page paper for Thursday. If I can get the busy work done then it will be a breeze to do a couple pages a night. I actually kind of enjoy doing my homework while watching old seasons of Bones on my laptop ^_^


いつ amae_ichigo 年月日 2011-01-30 01:06 (UTC) (リンク)
That's amazing your friend got that book for you. I'd like to have it, but I have nowhere to put it in my room. The bookshelf's due for another clean-up anyway. If you don't mind, would you scan some for me to see? Only if you have free time, of course.

Sephora haven't gotten back to you yet? I hope they do soon.
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-01-30 17:07 (UTC) (リンク)
Yeah my boss said she would contact me Monday or Tuesday. Waiting sucks!

I'm pretty sure this is actually her copy of the book. She said sOmething about sharing her sister's copy now. Yeah when I have free time I will scan a few pages at a time. It's like 300 pages though haha. Could take a while.
(Deleted comment)
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-01-30 17:08 (UTC) (リンク)
I thought so. Hehe
いつ uberchan 年月日 2011-01-30 04:12 (UTC) (リンク)
Nice shiney book! ^^ Is that your message in Japanese? You're really good! =]

You watch Bones too? That show is awesome!
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-01-30 17:10 (UTC) (リンク)
Yep the black text is my message. I lived in japan for a while so I would hope my Japanese is still good lol. I'm pretty fluent. Thanks!

Yes Bones is a fun show. It took me a while to get into it though.
いつ pearlmagic 年月日 2011-01-30 10:22 (UTC) (リンク)
Do you know if this photo book still available?

Stupid Amazon JP. They canceled my order of the PRED DVD yesterday because I didn't pay for it. They never sent me the email notice, so I had forgotten all about it. I re-ordered it again and will pay for it tomorrow. Can't wait to watch it!
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-01-30 17:05 (UTC) (リンク)
Oh no! That sucks! At least you will get it fast. Amazon japan is speedy!

No, this book hasn't been available since 2006. It was a fanclub only pre-order thing. You might be able to find it on auction. This one is actually my friend's own copy. I can't believe she gave it up for me...
いつ pearlmagic 年月日 2011-01-31 09:12 (UTC) (リンク)
Drat, I thought so. Well, I'll be getting it via auctions because this is definitely something that I would like to have. You have a very, very generous friend.

AJP really is speedy!
いつ wayama_rose 年月日 2011-02-01 20:16 (UTC) (リンク)
wow!!! awesome.
i want have HS magz too but coz not member so i dont know where to buy it >.<
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-02-01 23:53 (UTC) (リンク)
Well, the only way you can get the magazines is by being a fanclub member, auction, or going to resale stores in Japan. Why don't you join?
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