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Almost there

Posted on 2011.01.02 at 01:07
音楽: Daft Punk
Well, it's officially January 2, 2011 now. I'm never going to get used to writing 2011. It'll be June by the time it finally sinks in.

My mom still hadn't seen TRON Legacy so she made me go with her. This time I got to see it in 3D, though. I'm so tired of the 3D movie craze and I really despise it, but it was one of those movies that actually was truly 3D and so it was really cool.
Hopefully later this week I can convince someone to go see the True Grit remake with me. I love Jeff Bridges. He's like one of my favorite actors- another reason I wasn't too upset about going to see TRON again XD

Tomorrow I'm probably going to be a bum until I drive back for work. As of the schedule on Wednesday she gave me like no hours this next week. ARGH. But I wrote her a note saying that if any hours opened up to give me a call because I'd really like to work more. On the other hand, it'd be nice to have a full week at home with the family. I could actually have some Mama time without my sisters around because they go back to school starting Monday. Can you tell that part of me still misses being an only child?

Day 29: A Letter to Your Favorite Member

Okay, I've written several letters to Jiro before. Most have them have just been little cards with notes attached to various gifts for the present box. But the longest, most involved one was the one I gave him at the 2009 US tour. It ended up being 5 pages long written in Japanese. I really poured my heart out in it. I didn't go mushy, stalker-fan in it at all, but I was very honest.
In truth, I really don't feel comfortable sharing it or writing about it here. Not that I don't love my other GLAY friends here, but it was just really personal and important for me to tell him all of the things that I told him. I like to think that the letter touched him somewhat, since I received a lot of special attention from him at that tour and he seemed to recognize me at the Yokosuka show this past summer.


いつ uru_k_22 年月日 2011-01-02 17:47 (UTC) (リンク)
oh for some reason I can't stand that whole 3D thing. Here it's the BOOM and one can't actually visit the malls with 3D system cinemas because EVERYONE IS THERE. And watching a film like that makes my head ache >_< !

so you liked TRON? I haven't watched it

I agree with your answer for the meme question. It's just silly to share something like that. No one would treasure it a much as you would, or Jiro himself.

Take Care dear!
いつ jiro_no_jojo17 年月日 2011-01-02 22:47 (UTC) (リンク)
Well, when I was little I loved the original TRON so I guess I kind of convinced myself that I would like this one too before I even saw it. The plot is so-so but visually it's just a really fun movie.
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