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It seems my relaxing summer vacation is no more. I was so burned out by last semester that I was looking forward to some down time, which is apparently not going to happen.

A list to stay organized in my zombie-like mental state:

1. Got a job! Yay! I hate to complain, since I really wanted/needed a job. I seriously hate relying on my parents as much as I do for money. For the better part of high school I had a part time job so I got used to having my own money to pay for things like gas,  extra non-essential clothes, other non-necessities like concert tickets, etc. Of course my parents still paid for a lot but it's not like they had to pay for everything. But after I got back from Japan and transferred into UIUC, I couldn't find a job really, and to be honest I don't think I could have handled it with my course load the past couple of years. But I hated not being more self-sufficient financially. And despite still being heartbroken over Sephora, I think I'll end up enjoying this department store job. They start you out as "short hour" meaning you get scheduled 15-20 hours a week, and after some time has passed you are able to be bumped up to something like "permanent part-time" which is like 15-30 hours or something. Anyway, your shifts are from 4 to 8 hours at a time. I'm kind of a baby- I HATE 8 hour shifts. I'm slowly getting used to them though. But it still kills me being on my feet, running around on them for that long. Not only is getting back into the swing of things kicking my butt, but I am now being scheduled over 20 hours a week. I guess I should take that as a good sign that they really like me and I'm good at my job, but it is posing problems for other things I wanted to accomplish this summer (to be discussed in #2) But I digress... in just the few short weeks I have been pimping cosmetics at Bergner's I have made a pretty nice chunk of change. By the end of June I'll have made enough to pay for something like oh, a trip to Cali to see GLAY, for example XD (God why aren't you coming back like, tomorrow???!!!! TAT)

2. As aforementioned, the job is apparently going to pose many problems with the class I'm taking this summer, which starts tomorrow officially. Online classes, while a good amount of work because they are condensed and mostly self-study, are supposed to be the answer to someone who is either a) not on campus over the summer or b) due to other commitments cannot physically be in a class. So I figure, okay the reading might get hefty but I've become a fast reader and I'll just work on assignments and efficiently as possible, etc. I did not think that I'd have to be available on certain days at certain times to participate in a live discussion via something reminiscent of Skype. Um hello, that defeats one of the major principles of an online independent course (>_<) And since with work we have to ask off 4 weeks in advance, this has posed a great problem, seeing as I just found out all of this stuff about the class a few days ago. I went to HR at work today and told them of my predicament but they were so not going to be flexible, and it's not like I can change my availability since these discussions to not fall on the same days at the same time. So I either have to drop the class and try to find something that fits in my fall schedule (which will be virtually impossible now) or see if I can work something out with the professor (prospects not so high). My last resort will be trading some shifts with girls at work, but they are so understaffed right now that might be difficult too. I guess I just have to pray that I get lucky enough to not get scheduled on these days? orz

3. Onto some better/cooler news.... I got asked by an online fashion magazine/blog to start doing articles, but mainly hair and makeup tutorials for gyaru fashion. A lot of you who have met me in person know that even though my hair used to scream "scene kid" color-wise for a while, I am a Shibuya gyaru at heart XD Not only that, in the past few years I have been told that I'm extremely talented at hair and makeup and it's made me considered pursuing some sort of work, even if it's just something on the side or as a hobby, in hair and makeup artistry. Since I no longer have an easy/cheaper way to get my favorite Japanese fashion magazines in hard copy, I've been browsing the internet for scans and online versions of Vivi, Popteen, Ranzuki, etc to get a feel for what the big trends are in gyaru fashion this summer. I knew I wasn't totally crazy early this spring when I started picking up some very 70s-inspired things. One day when my mom took me shopping for some summer clothes, she was like, "That is so not what you would normally pick out," when I picked up some very hippie-esque things. I just told her I wanted something knew and had a good feeling about it. Turns out my intuition to try some of these styles out was good, because as far as Japanese fashion in Tokyo this summer, hippie chic is in. My fashion intuition is never right lol. Of course, this is more for the mature onee gyaru, but since that's what I consider myself I figure I should focus on this particular sub-branch. Agejo is sometimes cute and sexy, but for the most part it scares me lol. Anyway, as my stuff gets published/posted I'll give you links! Also, any suggestions from other trends you guys have come across this summer would be great too!

4. Along the same lines.... I got talked into helping with costumes and makeup for my sister's current play- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Not sure when I'm going to have time to help sew, exactly. But I am excited about the possibility of getting to do the pharaoh's makeup. Think Elvis with Egyptian eyes XD

5. Last but not least, after being like 2 weeks late, I got my RATW DVD. I really love this live. Not just because it's new, but it was just really fun to watch. Even though I am one of the first to say GLAY can do no wrong, there are definitely lives/tours that I feel are more fun to watch than others. Besides...Jiro bench pressing in the opening scene of the tour documentary = heaven. Okay, no more spoilers for anyone on my f-list!

Okay, now I'm going to pass out on top of all of the clean laundry sitting in a heap on my bed because I'm too tired to move.

Jiro thinks you suck

It was a very dark day indeed

Posted on 2011.04.19 at 17:46
MatsuKen! How could you?! I know you've been dating that old cow for like 3 years now, but I figured you'd get tired of her! You were supposed to be my back up plan! Now you're married! What good does that do me?!



I think I need to be alone... LOL

RATW Jiro 03

Perhaps humanity isn't so bad

Posted on 2011.03.15 at 20:51
Just wanted to briefly post after this emotionally exhausting several days.

Fortunately, all of my friends are fine after the initial quake and tsunami. However, every day I get updates on energy and food/water shortages from them, which have made it hard to relax.

On top of all of this, it's midterm week, and I have three exams.

However, most of us have kind of put academics on the back burner. My organization at school, Japan Intercultural Network, has banded together with two other Japanese organizations on campus to create Illini 4 Japan. illini4japan.wordpress.com/
We have been working toward fundraising in the wake of this catastrophe, and so as we come up with new ideas for events we will be posting them on the site.

This week we are on our campus quad holding a bake sale. Today was the first day, and we raised over $1000 to donate to the Red Cross! I think by the end of the day Friday we will have raised between $3000 and $4000!

I know most of you are nowhere near Champaign, IL, but I know that all of you can respect and appreciate how hard we are working.

Also, I know I have mentioned it all over my twitter, mixi, and facebook, but I would just like to applaud GLAY and Takuro as an individual for all of their contributions. Yoshiki of X Japan is auctioning off his famous clear grand piano. Members of the Gazette have been volunteering in shelters. It makes me truly happy to see that all of these famous and successful people are still human. It makes me love and appreciate them more and more.

This week some of my faith in humanity has been restored.

GV Jiro Hot Suit

~I've got my GLAY to keep my warm~

Posted on 2011.02.09 at 22:36
So for the past few days it has been in negative temperatures, even during the day. We're actually under a severe wind chill warning until 9am tomorrow. The temperature, with wind chill, is going to be -20 F. Those kinds of temperatures freeze skin and kill people. I seriously thought I was going to die waiting for the bus today.

But when I got home I finally got to watch my new PREDATORS live DVD. I got it last Friday but I haven't had a chance to watch any of it until now. I knew the concert was going to be awesome, but I had no idea the extra stuff was them watching their KOENJI live and making commentary on it XD Dammit it made me all nostalgic for Japan. My first two lives in Japan were PREDATORS lives after 牙をみせろ came out.
A few DVD spoilers...Collapse )

Gyaaa I could go on forever. I just love anything where I can see and hear Jiro's laugh. It's so adorable.

I'm also kind of bittersweet about the rare collectives. I talked long and hard about it with amae_ichigo a few weeks ago, and I had pretty much decided that I was going to wait on buying them since they're pricey and I would rather spend the money on the RATW DVD or seeing them. I already have both lives they're releasing with the albums downloaded, even though neither of them are HD. Also, I have all of the B-sides since I own all of their singles. So whether or not I ordered it depended on the live and miscellaneous tracks. Well dammit, when they released the track list I knew I had to have it. Like, I'm dying to have a good copy of Teru's cover of "Don't Look Back in Anger" and I'm super curious about the live arrangement for シキナ. Not to mention I was at the MEET AND GREET VACATION and so I wanted the live version from that for nostalgia's sake, so I broke down. And so I decided that since I was going to spend money anyway, I might as well preorder the limited edition versions and get the DVDs lest I regret it later. My mom also talked me into it. She said that I never buy anything for myself anymore, so I might as well treat myself. I know I'll probably cry come March 9 though.

Random, but I keep having dreams about them coming back this year. I mean, these fan club lives on July 30 and 31 are a big deal, like the Nissan lives were. And Jiro gave it away at the Nissan lives that they were coming back to America a few months later, so I'm thinking they might do the same thing. I was talking with Yuri about this too. (You guys remember her from HOB right?) And we remembered talking to the staff last time and them saying something like they would probably skip next year (2010) but would possibly return in 2011 or something like that. And Teru said that next time he wanted to try and do a live in NYC, which would be cool. Except I've never been to NYC so I'd be terrified lol. I personally think that doing a live in Chicago would be best, and not just because it's my area. Think about it- it's the middle of the US and therefore the most central place for people to fly to if traveling is necessary. Plus, Jiro loves a lot of bands from Chicago so I want him to see my homeland! XD Anyway, what do you guys think the chances of them coming back this year are? I seriously have been so spoiled getting to see them so much the past few years, both here and in Japan, and I honestly don't think my heart, body, or soul can go a whole year without them.

Last but not least, I've been reorganizing my bookshelves and going through my magazines (which are actually in binders because I had so many they couldn't fit on the shelves >_<) and pamphlets, photo books, and all of the more recent magazines, etc. Basically, I want to share the stuff I don't have with you guys, my GLAY family. So if there's anything you can think of that you want, let me know what it is. If I have it, I'll scan it and post them here.

RATW Jiro 02

~Happy Birthday Hisashi~

Posted on 2011.02.01 at 10:28
Happy 39th Birthday, Hisashi

Hope this one is everything you hoped for and more!

PS- I love how the time my alarm went off this morning is the exact time that it became February 2 in Japan <3


Who Get?

*shiny GLAY book is shiny*

Posted on 2011.01.29 at 17:49
Still awaiting my PREDATORS "This World" tour DVD. I actually forgot I pre-ordered it since I did it so long ago. It wasn't until I got that "We shipped your order" email last Monday that I remembered. There goes more money. I'm just concerned about money until I find out whether or not I get to keep my job. But in any case, I'm still really looking forward to my PREDATORS DVD.

BUT! Even though I've been awaiting my DVD, I got something even better in the mail! As a thank you gift for getting our picture in the latest HAPPY SWING, my friend sent me the HAPPY SWING 10th Anniversary photo collection book. I didn't have a chance to order it when they first published it, and I know a lot of other overseas fans had said that they didn't want to spend the money because if you have all of the HS then you technically have all of the pictures. However, ever since actually getting to go through the book at her house this past summer, I really wanted to have a copy for myself. She must have read my mind because it showed up in the mail the other day. I love it because I now have big versions of some of the cutest "candid" pictures of GLAY <3

Slightly better picture of the Photo Factory submission that JIRO replied to

Shiny HS book. *Note the FBI Career Guide book on my shelf in the back right corner of the picture LMAO*

Other than that, I'm spending a quiet Saturday night at home.  I was going to go dancing tonight but I'm really tired and still haven't recovered from drinking way too much on Thursday. I seriously did not mean to drink so much that I missed class, but I did. *fail* I'm just doing a ton of homework  tonight instead so I don't have to worry about anything because I have to write a 4 page paper for Thursday. If I can get the busy work done then it will be a breeze to do a couple pages a night. I actually kind of enjoy doing my homework while watching old seasons of Bones on my laptop ^_^

Jiro GV shiny!

Good News!

Posted on 2011.01.18 at 20:17
I just received a phone call from work. As you know, I was hired at Sephora as a temporary seasonal employee. However, she continued to give me hours after many of the seasonal help had been let go.  Well, I received a call earlier to come in Monday for a more an interview for a more permanent position! Hopefully all goes well and they keep me on!

First classes of the semester were today. Went by pretty smoothly. I really need to get reading. So much reading already! TAT

I still haven't decided whether or not I should pre-order the rare collectives. I would like both of the CDs and the HQ versions of these concerts, obviously. But I know I'll want to buy the RATW Arena Tour DVD. And I'm still hoping GLAY comes to the US this year. So until I find out whether I keep my job at Sephora or not I think I'll hold off on pre-ordering them. If I keep my job then I'll go ahead and do it. That seems reasonable right?

Jiro jump

today my life was made that much better <3333

Posted on 2011.01.05 at 01:57
Ahhhhh!!!! Magical things involving JIRO happened today. But before I do that I forgot I didn't finish my band meme!

Let's see, why is GLAY my favorite band? So many reasons. I could easily write a term paper on this. At my school in Tokyo I actually wrote an essay on them. More of a speech really, since I had to memorize it and give it to the entire school.

Of course, I love their music. I was really getting bored with all of my music and started to loath the American music scene in particular when I first got into them,. But when I heard them for the first time it was so fresh and exciting! They have so much variety but they are consistently good! I love rock music, and they really embody everything I look for when I'm trying to find bands that I like. All of them are such talented musicians, and you can really hear the passion for their work in their songs. You can see this in their performance as well. They never half-ass a performance. They are so amazing to watch live. You could be dead tired from getting 1 hour of sleep and camping out in front of the LA HOB for hours upon hours two days in a row, and you still get pumped up- not from just the adrenaline of being in the same room as them, but because they project this love and energy unlike anything I've ever witnessed before.

Even more, I believe that all of them are genuinely good people. I don't know any of them personally, but from everything I've read, seen, stories I've heard from people who have run into them, and from small more personal encounters with them, I really just get the sense that they are extremely nice guys. They just seem so grounded compared to what they could have become with so much fame and fortune. Teru and Takuro are humanitarians; Hisashi is a shy geek who's not afraid to admit it. Jiro's a fun-loving sometimes OCD bro with lots of interests. Above all of it really, you can tell that they genuinely love their fans. They consider their fans with each decision and action they take as a band. And even more recently, they are really trying to reach out to their international fans as well. (Please give us paypal option for HS!!!! XD)

I guess to sum up, GLAY is the band that has gotten me through the best and worst of times.  I owe them a lot, and all I can do to repay it is continue to stalk Jiro to keep loving them and supporting them like they have done for me.

Now then....JIRO news!

After the September issue of Happy Swing, I sent in a photo to Jiro's Photo Factory that my friend Akiko (Oohara, for those of you that remember the cute Jiro look-a-like from Japan that asked us all to write messages in her little book in line at the HOB in 2009) took after the Yokosuka live in July of my friend Izumi and I.  It was the first time I had seen Izumi in a year. We had become really close friends while I was going to school in Tokyo and even though we kept in touch through email, Skype, mixi, etc, I didn't think I'd be able to see her again so soon. Well, I got to go to Japan this past summer and I won 4th row tickets to the Yokosuka live, and so of course I asked her to come with me.

Well I didn't think Jiro would even consider choosing my picture because it was several months after the hall tour and seemed kind of an awkward time to submit that photo, but I did.

My December HS hasn't arrived yet, but since January 1st I'd been receiving all of these cryptic messages from my Japanese friends saying things like, "Jo, OMG you're going to freak when you get your HS!" but no one ever told me why. Well, today I finally got Izumi to crack:

Jiro not only chose my picture, but he wrote a comment back to me!
To translate, he said, "Thank you for coming all the way to Japan to see GLAY! I remember you very well (And he used "kimi" for "you!!! Kimi is like a term of endearment!) You stand out a lot in the picture I took at the America tour!" (He used the phrase アメリカツアーの時にボクが撮った写真にバッチリ写ってるんだ!バッチリ is like a slang word for perfect or really good, so I guess he kinda also said I photographed well in the picture he took at the US tour!)

Anyway, I've been an happily emotional wreck off and on all day. I can't wait until my own issue gets here! I'm so paranoid that my membership renewal money got lost. I hate waiting to find out it it got messed up or not TAT.

GV Jiro Hot Suit

Almost there

Posted on 2011.01.02 at 01:07
音楽: Daft Punk
Well, it's officially January 2, 2011 now. I'm never going to get used to writing 2011. It'll be June by the time it finally sinks in.

My mom still hadn't seen TRON Legacy so she made me go with her. This time I got to see it in 3D, though. I'm so tired of the 3D movie craze and I really despise it, but it was one of those movies that actually was truly 3D and so it was really cool.
Hopefully later this week I can convince someone to go see the True Grit remake with me. I love Jeff Bridges. He's like one of my favorite actors- another reason I wasn't too upset about going to see TRON again XD

Tomorrow I'm probably going to be a bum until I drive back for work. As of the schedule on Wednesday she gave me like no hours this next week. ARGH. But I wrote her a note saying that if any hours opened up to give me a call because I'd really like to work more. On the other hand, it'd be nice to have a full week at home with the family. I could actually have some Mama time without my sisters around because they go back to school starting Monday. Can you tell that part of me still misses being an only child?

Day 29: A Letter to Your Favorite Member

Okay, I've written several letters to Jiro before. Most have them have just been little cards with notes attached to various gifts for the present box. But the longest, most involved one was the one I gave him at the 2009 US tour. It ended up being 5 pages long written in Japanese. I really poured my heart out in it. I didn't go mushy, stalker-fan in it at all, but I was very honest.
In truth, I really don't feel comfortable sharing it or writing about it here. Not that I don't love my other GLAY friends here, but it was just really personal and important for me to tell him all of the things that I told him. I like to think that the letter touched him somewhat, since I received a lot of special attention from him at that tour and he seemed to recognize me at the Yokosuka show this past summer.

Jiro= King of Beer


Posted on 2011.01.01 at 02:12

Happy New Year, everyone! It just became 2011 here about an hour and a half ago. I wanted to update closer to midnight but I was still too tipsy to type and my mother made me play Mario Kart with her until about 1am XD

This year is the year of the rabbit, and since I am also a rabbit I hope this means good things will come in 2011.

Some of my resolutions include:
1) Drinking more water
2) Getting back on a healthier diet and exercise regime
3) Trying not to be so pessimistic
4) Get a more concrete idea of what I want to do with my life

Some of my wishes:
1) To meet up with the GLAYtards again, even if GLAY does not come back for a show this year
2) For GLAY to come back, obviously lol
3) For all of my family and friends to have a great year too

I woke myself up at 10am today to check HSSS. Even if GLAY doesn't have a Countdown Live they usually update the site and do a little New Year's video. This year the movie was only available to Mobile Site members, but apparently they all just said that 2011 would be another busy year for them so to look forward to future announcements. I'm excited about the rare collections vol. 3 & 4, as well as the arena tour DVD, but to be honest I would rather use that $150 (give or take) towards a plane ticket and hotel room to see them. Can you tell I'm desperate for them to come back? I've been so spoiled and fortunate that I've seen them at least twice (sometimes more) a year since 2008, and so while I know if I don't get to see them at all in 2011 I will survive, it will be hard on me.  If EXPO indeed happens, which it looks like it will, that actually probably bodes better for a chance that they will return to the States. They did several major tours around EXPO 2004, and after the GV in Nissan they came here. It seems that big events spur more shows. Let's hope that one of them is here. (Plus staff at the last HOB show implied that they would skip a year but probably be back the year after...so that means 2011! Look at me trying to justify it and get my hopes up XD)

So without further ado...I will once again catch up on my meme:

Day 27: Why Your Favorite Song Is Your Favorite
Like I said before, I can't pick a favorite song so I sure as hell can't tell you why one of them would be my favorite. ARGH!!!

Day 28: Why Your Favorite Album Is Your Favorite
Well, hopefully I can convey this somewhat when I finally get to the album review from Day 20 below, but......to be honest, the reason it's probably my favorite is because I can't tell you why it is. That's the thing with GLAY- so many times they amaze me that they leave me speechless and unable to form coherent thoughts about their amazing-ness. This is probably going to get me an express ticket to hell, but it's kind of like the idea that we mere humans could never meet or have a true interaction with God in his true form because it would melt our minds. Oftentimes GLAY is just THAT amazing, so they melt my mind, leaving me unable to express the sheer joy that they give me. The End.

Meme catch-up go go Jo Jo!Collapse )

So yeah, there you go. All caught up!
Again, I hope everyone has/had a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

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